Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Michigan Consumer Protection Laws that Protect You and Your Car

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is a big deal. So how do you know the dealership is treating you right? Here are 5 Michigan consumer protection laws that protect you and your car.

1: Michigan Lemon Laws Protect New Car Buyers

The New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act protects Michigan consumers who have bought or leased a lemon. It protects against defects that come up in the first year after purchase. If the manufacturer cannot correct a defect within a set amount of time or number of visits, the buyer may be allowed to get their money back or receive a replacement. This law also allows consumers to collect attorney fees and certain costs, making it affordable to pursue a claim.

2: Vehicle Financing Protections in the Identity Theft Protection Act

The Identity Theft Protection Act applies to any company that takes personal information for financial reasons, including vehicle financing. The law also has protections for the victims of identity theft. Vehicle credit companies may not deny or reduce credit for a consumer based on the existence of identity theft.

3: The Motor Vehicle Service & Repair Act Defends Against Unauthorized Repairs

The Motor Vehicle Service & Repair Act picks up once the sale is done. It makes sure that when your car needs maintenance or repairs the auto repair company:
    • Has a specialty or master mechanic on staff certified to oversee repairs (unless you waive that right)
    • Gives you a written estimate before any repairs over $20
    • Gets your approval before doing any work
    • Provides you an itemized bill
    • Gives you a chance to inspect and receive replaced parts
    • Does not charge for repairs not done
    • Doesn’t recommend or perform unnecessary repairs
    • Warranty the work done or honor manufacturers’ warranties

    4: Vehicle Rental Regulations Within the Michigan Consumer Protection Act

    Even if you aren’t looking to buy, the law still offers protects for vehicle rental transactions up to 90 days. Rental car companies must provide total estimated prices, including all fees and costs. The law also limits the amount rental companies can charge for business costs like vehicle license, title, and registration.

    5. Federal Used Car Protections and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

    The Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule makes it illegal for a dealership to make misrepresentations about the mechanical conditions of a used car. The law is enforceable in Michigan under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Used car dealers must post a Buyers Guide for each vehicle, which describes any warranties, covered repair costs, and examples of problems that frequently occur with used vehicle. It also provides several consumer protection warnings.

    Michigan consumer protection laws provide a shield for you and your car. If you think a manufacturer, dealer, or repair shop has violated the law, contact lemon law lawyer Dani K. Liblang at The Liblang Law Firm, P.C., in Birmingham, Michigan, for a free consultation.

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